• Senior Web Developer
  • Rewrote front-end architecture
  • Analysed and fixed security holes
  • Managed a CSS developer and two 3rd party developers.

Challenge: Rebuild an outsourced content centric social network using the latest web technologies. Make it sustainable, scalable, faster and fully object-oriented.

Solution: Create a new front-end framework using the Extjs library. Reorganize file structures for efficient loading and running. Completely rewrite all front-end code. Push the dev team into a security-minded, test-driven development cycle.

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OwnYourPhone, LLC [2005-2007]
  • CTO/CIO and Co-Founder
  • All Programming: PHP,MySQL,Shell,AS,etc...
  • All Design/UI: XHTML,CSS,AJAX,WAP,Flash,CSS
  • All Server: LAMP Stack install and Admin

Challenge: Create a web application, which allows users to create ringtones out of their own music. Handle large volumes of system processing, file upload and management. Allow users to download files from cell phones using secret codes. Manage payment methods and credits for downloads.

Solution: Load up a Debian Linux box with Apache 2 and a dozen open source audio processing apps. Create a PHP/MySQL driven user interface to login, log use, manage files, and trim uploaded audio files. Setup PHP generated WML pages for cell phones. Create a Flash/AS driven audio trimmer for audio cropping and previewing.

Status: Offline. This site ran for several years, making a modest income before we decided to pull the plug and liquidate the company. We decided that we just weren't ringtone people and were no longer passionate about running the company--and so, on to other things.

Read the Busines Plan (PDF)

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

OwnYourPhone: Start Page OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone: OwnYourPhone:
  • Flash Animation
  • 3-d & 4-d Wireframing
  • AS Programming
  • Music/Voice Recording

Challenge: Explain four-dimensional physics with a two-dimensional Flash video. Program interactive modes for all dimensional models from zero to four. Record audio tracks and sync with Flash video.

Solution: Create wireframes using AS and animate vector graphics created in Flash. Use AS to control audio and video.

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Seattle Central Community College IT Programs [2005]
  • MySQL Database Creation
  • PHP database programming
  • Blog creation

Challenge: Supplement the materials on the SCCC website, merging five out-of-date websites into one. Create a blog-like system for announcements and make a content management system for the database.

Solution: Write all pages in PHP, connecting to a MySQL database. Create a PHP administration table for all database content. Make a login page for the administrator and provide blogging options.

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Microsot Vista Training
  • Flash Animation
  • ActionScript
  • Conceptual Design and Implementation
  • Production

Challenge: Create a model for displaying a set of courses and assessment tests through a gateway interface.

Solution: Among many wireframe concepts, created a fun, bouncing design. This one did not fit the ultimate needs but kept us briefly entertained. Grab ahold of some of the ghost-like white logos to drag the course module and bounce it around the screen.

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Other comps (click to enlarge):

Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware
Microsoft® Courseware [2006]
Workflow Model
  • Flash Animations
  • Illustrator Designs
  • User Interface and Data Modeling
  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Flash Production

Challenge: Design and create rich courseware for internal Microsoft® training.

Solution: Design layouts in Illustrator, create a Flash/JavaScript course body and lay it all together with brilliance and ingenuity. The interactive example began as three paragraphs of textual requirements for handling a complex data set, which I then turned into what you see. Below are several designs for a couple of the courses I developed. More detailed interactive demos are available only in person.

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Other comps (click to enlarge):

Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware Microsoft Courseware
Lemley Design Company [2005]
Lemley Design
  • Case Studies Pages
  • JS Functions
  • Positioning to Standards

Challenge: Turn a designer's vision of a portfolio into a website.

Solution: Write XHTML and JS functions to show/hide images and text. Create Flash videos out of QuickTime movies.

Site Since Evolved

  • Flash Animation
  • Artistic Design
  • Scene/Layer Organization
  • Production

Challenge: Dynamically present a University of Washington theatrical dance troupe. Develop a unique navigation system, which represents the group while responding to user activity.

Solution: Create and Animate a navigation, which morphs into and out of a dancer.

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  • Test-driven development
  • Clear but concise comments and variable naming
  • Standard documentation format
  • Object-oriented design
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Performance optimized loading

Ideological Statement

Test-driven development is not only a valuable strategy for compiled programming; unit tests can be applied to every aspect of product development from designing UI to writing database calls. Until you have a solid unit test, you can't be certain the code will do everything it needs to do. With a solid unit test, you can design your code to do everything it needs to do and only what it needs to do. Until your unit test passes, you aren't code complete.



I am comfortable working in many programming environments for JavaScript. Some of my favorites include Aptana Studio, TextMate, Vim, Dreamweaver (code view) and Notepad++.

JavaScript Libraries

I have worked with the following JavaScript framework libraries in order of experience:
  • jQuery
  • Ext JS
  • Prototype
  • Dojo
  • MooTools / moo.fx



I have several javascript libraries published on GitHub. The most notable would be JavaScript Playing Cards, which is a full javascript playing card library that renders and manages a deck of playing cards in html/css.

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Purpose: filter an array for values that occur an odd number of times

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Scrolling Viewport in Pure JS

Purpose: create a scrollable navigation pane.
Note: normally, this would be as simple as using an obj.scroll() method from a JavaScript library such as jQuery but this version demostrates building the functionality from pure javascript.

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  • Test-driven development
  • Clear but concise comments and variable naming
  • Standard documentation format
  • Object-oriented developement (where needed)
  • Don't reinvent the wheel

Ideological Statement

Clear and accessible documentation with a robust, active community, PHP is one of the best programming languages available today. Chances are good that someone has solved your problem in PHP and published a working example. With PHP, it's easy not to have to re-invent the wheel--but when custom code is needed, it can be created quickly with Zend Studio and tested easily with PHPUnit.



My favorite IDE for PHP is Zend Studio for Eclipse. I also have used Aptana Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Dreamweaver, Notepad++ and VIM.


There are many frameworks and prebuilt solutions for a PHP driven architecture. My favorite PHP framework is CodeIgniter. It offers an object-oriented MVC structure and everything from localization classes to a caching system.



Purpose: filter an array for values that occur an odd number of times

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  • Object-oriented design
  • Unit Test with NUnit



Purpose: create a class to handle text filtering. Specifically, implement a filter to allow only specific HTML tags through but strip all others.

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  • Use CPAN so I don't have to reinvent
  • Non-obfuscated code :)


IRC Bot: Oblio

Purpose: create an IRC bot, which does the following:
  • Automatically connect to a configured IRC server
  • Automatically join a set of channels on the IRC server
  • Listen for a commands passed in both the public channel and private message space
  • Provides a menu of available commands with the command "!oblio -h"
  • Op the owner of a request command contiaining a passphrase
  • rot13 encrypt a message back to a user

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  • Create awesome art
  • Think outside the box
  • Use minimal character variation


Embedded Cubes (Tesseract Frame)

           |\                 |\
           | \                | \
           |  \               |  \
           |   \              |   \
           |    \             |    \
           |     \            |     \
           |      3------------------0
           |      |           |      |
  15--------------|-12        |      |
  |\       |      |  |\       |      |
  | \      |      |  | \      |      |
  |  \     6------|--|--\-----5      |
  |   \     \     |  |   \     \     |
  |    \     \    |  |    \     \    |
  |     \     \   |  |     \     \   |
  |      11-----------------8     \  |
  |      |      \ |  |      |      \ |
  |      |       \|  |      |       \|
  |      |        2---------|--------1
  |      |           |      |
  14-----|----------13      |
   \     |            \     |
    \    |             \    |
     \   |              \   |
      \  |               \  |
       \ |                \ |
        \|                 \|

Here are some extremely light shell shortcuts I have created and used--I've done a lot more with shell scripting but it's all proprietary. You might be interested in my dotfiles :)

OSX: Use Say Command to Help You Play Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-Seek is one of the greatest games in the parental arsenal. Your kid runs off and hides for several minutes, while waiting for you to find him/her. This gives you time to catch a breath and check your email without feeling like a loser. If you'd also like to take advantage of the counting time--claiming that thinking space as your own--use this command on your OSX terminal to maximize downtime. Also, if your kid is like mine, you can get away with "for i in {1..100};" :)

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SVN: Get a Bulleted List of Commits By a User for a Specifc Day (Daily Work Log)

When I was working from home as a contractor, I wanted to add a summary of my development activity in my timesheets. After fiddling with svn logs for a bit, I came up with this nifty little command-line shortcut for getting a bulletted list of my checkins.

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Check back for CSS/XHTML, ActionScript, SQL, Objective C, C++ and many more examples.

  • Desing Continous Delivery Process
  • Build/Setup Jenkins
  • Write deployment shell script, which deploys parts on demand

Challenge: Create a process that allows modules within a UI system to deploy independently of the whole.

Solution: Use Paper (by 53) to draw out a plan, create a Jenkins server with build jobs and a deployment script to deploy code on nodes.

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Amazon EC2 Backup Server Strategy
AWS Backup
  • Architectural Design
  • Implementing dual server setup
  • MySQL Synchronization
  • Postfix Email Server Construction
  • Monit Service Monitoring

Challenge: Setup a redundant backup server on Amazon EC2 to handle failover. Datqbase must sync completely in real-time, seemlessly backing up authentication keys and any current user activity. Goal set for zero downtime recovery and failover.

Solution: Setup 2 Amazon EC2 servers with a mysql master/slave pair, content syncing and elastic IP addresses for immediate switching between the two.

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Authentication UML
  • Architecture of User Authentication Model
  • UML
  • Implementation in jQuery/PHP/MySQL

Challenge: Model a simple user authentication scheme

Solution: Use OmniGraffle to model the UML, jQuery, PHP and MySQL to implement.

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Before the World Ended 1x3 Before the World Ended 2x3 Before the World Ended 3x3

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Hipsters Like Coffee 1x3 Hipsters Like Coffee 2x3 Hipsters Like Coffee 3x3

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Drink and Draw