* array_occursOdd sifts through an array and returns a list of values that are found
 * to repeat an odd number of times
 * this works with int, string, bool but array, object, function, referece all are examined as string represenations
 * so two different objects will be considered the same
 * this is a limitation of array_diff, which only does a single dimension and (string) cast compare
 * if a comparison method is needed to examin exact values of object, array, function, reference, a more
 * robust method would be needed
 * @param array $array A mixed array to parse
 * @return array The list of mixed type values that were found an odd number of times 
 * 		in the passed array, ordered alpha-numeric ascending
function array_occursOdd($array) {
	$oddItems = array(); // holder for the values to be returned
    // loop through the given array and build the item list
	for( $i=0; $i<sizeof($array); $i++ ) {
        if(in_array($array[$i], $oddItems, true)===true)	// found a duplicate
            $oddItems = array_diff($oddItems,array($array[$i]));	// remove it (happens every even occurance)
        else	// not found
            array_push($oddItems,$array[$i]);	// add it (happens every odd occurance)
    sort($oddItems); // order the array and clean it up so that the index begins with zero
	return $oddItems;