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Architect secure, extensible, performant systems and lead development teams in creating the next generation of technology, moving humanity toward a better future.

Disney Foundational Technologies | 08.2013-Present

Solutions Engineering Architect: Consulting across teams to improve performance and scalability of large systems. Cut response time for Disney's Universal login system in half by optimizing UI loading techniques and assets. Worked with native ios and android mobile app developers to create a hybrid web application optimized for mobile networks. Bringing disparate teams together with standard methodologies and software foundations, creating shared services and standards from what otherwise was a series of effort duplication and redefinition.

Disney Connected and Advanced Technologies | 04.2011-08.2013

Senior Staff Software Engineer: Creating a web portal for managing a custom cloud service. Architecting an extensible, module based framework for the Portal, providing documentation, tutorials and supporting external teams with integration. Managing build service and automation, task management and allocation, team development and testing.

Avlan, LLC (stealth startup) | 10.2008-04.2011

Lead Web Developer / Web Systems Architect: Creating the foundational archetype for a development environment, procedures and standards for a growing development team. Choosing technologies to use (e.g. Linux, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax). Leading developers to create testable code and processes. Architecting an extensible, highly testable web framework from front to back-end using PHP and the CodeIgniter library, JavaScript and the jQuery library, PHPUnit and jQUnit for unit testing, and PHPUnderControl for deployment testing.

RIPL Corp [] | 07.2007-02.2010

v3: Senior Web Developer / Web Systems Architect (PT Telecommute Contractor): Moved hosting to Amazon EC2/S3. Built and maintained Ubuntu server. Wrote and maintained JS/PHP/MySQL to support robust API framework, ajax interface and other social networking site needs. Constant security auditing, reporting and bug fixes.

v2: Senior Web Developer (FTE): Converted prototype site from an insecure, unscalable, outsourced project into a fully extensible, object oriented, scalable, robust company. As a Senior Web Developer, working on an Agile team, managing a CSS developer and two 3rd party developers, I worked to completely rewrite the front-end, speed up load times, implemented a robust caching system, secure code and facilitate communications and planning between design, QA and development. Additionally, being very security minded, I convinced the team to organize a security audit task force, which ended up fixing some major holes and forming secure development thinking as a result. I Built robust and customizable user interface using ExtJs, debugged and patched outsourced ASP C# code, managed SQL Server database, subversion repository and built server services in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005. Managed 3 developers.

Seattle Central Community College [Instructor] | 01.2008-Present

Web Development Instructor: Creating curriculum for courses ranging from JavaScript and Web Security to Web Authoring, XHTML and CSS in the Seattle Central Community College Web Development, Web Design and Programming degree paths. Instructing and grading classrooms of 18-25 students. Appearing as a guest lecturer on Wordpress as a CMS.

Class Sites: and

Shadow Puppet Works [] | 01.2001-Present

Owner / CTO: creating and managing web sites with marketable user interfaces, using Flash, MySQL, XHTML, Perl, PHP, JS, Wordpress as a CMS, Joomla! CMS and Drupal CMS to manage and present data.

> Sally Bjornsen Represents | 07.2007

Challenge: Take a website that is 100% Flash and write it to be customizable, extensible and driven from an easy to manage admin system.

Solution: Created a private content management system written using a MySQL database and PHP to dynamically display data and maintain all of the site content.

> Pacific Northwest Graffiti | 09.2004

Challenge: Create a membership based community for Seattle's graffiti scene. Users must be able to upload, download, post comments and register, while the site logs statistical data.

Solution: Combined phpBB forum and Wordpress Blog CMS into a unified system. Created MySQL databases and built PHP pages.

> Klichet | 12.2002

Challenge: Dynamically present a University of Washington theatrical dance troupe. Develop a unique navigation system, which represents the group while responding to user activity.

Solution: Created and animated a navigation system in Flash, which morphs into and out of a dancing figure.

OwnYourPhone, LLC [] | 06.2005-08.2007

CTO: Flash/PHP/MySQL/SQL/Tech Support/Web Design (XHTML/CSS)/Mobile WAP. Built a Debain Linux webserver to handle ringtone creation and a user based web interface to handle content creation and delivery.

Sublime Media, LLC [] | 06.2005-11.2006

Web Developer: Created user interfaces and scripted user interaction into e-learning courseware. Coded JS DOM effects and developed Flash movies, which draw from localizable XML documents (actionscript and animation).

Premium Design Works [] | 03.2005-06.2006

Contract Web Programmer: JS and PHP programming, Flash movie creation (actionscript and animation). Collaborating on web projects using Dreamweaver and Subversion.

> Lemley Design | 06.2005

Challenge: Produce a website from strict predesigned plans. Animate and dynamically display portfolio items and content.

Solution: Used Dreamweaver to create XHTML templates. Hand coded JS and CSS. Formatted images and text content until set to standards.

> Sally Bjornsen Represents | 10.2007

Challenge: Create a custom CMS to manage image uploading, photographers, galleries, photo ordering and other site information.

Solution: Used PHP/MySQL to create an easy to use CMS backend.

Peel Interactive [] | 03.2005-06.2005

Contract Web Programmer: XHTML/PHP/JS. Site Design and PHP scripts to handle administration and email lists.

> Stonington Gallery | 05.2005

Challenge: Create a virtual art gallery to maintain and display works.

Solution: Wrote a PHP/MySQL driven database and interface for navigating and administrating gallery pictures and data.

Infogrames North America, Woodinville, WA 98072 | 09.2001-02.2002

Tech Support: As a three month contract hire, solved problems and diagnosed issues, deriving solutions from vague starting points. Improved customer satisfaction by assisting customers in understanding computer functions. Stayed an extra two months.

The Triple Door, Seattle, WA | 02.2004-04.2005


Wild Ginger, Seattle, WA | 11.2002-02.2004


Stella's Trattoria, Seattle, WA | 09.1998-08.2002


Operating Systems
GNU/Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE, Slackware, Knoppix, Mandrake, Red Hat, FreeBSD
MS Windows: Vista, XP, 2K, ME, 98, 95, MSDOS
Macintosh: OS X, OS 9
Other: VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation
JS, AS, SQL, Perl, PHP, Unix Shells, Sheet Music
Security audit & correction, speed up load times, design scalable, extensible architecture
Adobe CS4 (Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop), Wordpress CMS, Drupal CMS, Joomla! CMS, 3D Studio Max, Zend Studio for Eclipse, Aptana Studio, Visual Studio .NET, MySQL, MSSQL Server, MS Office, Open Office, PGP/GPG encryption, vi(m)
Web Technologies
MySQL, CGI, CSS, Cross-browser compatible XHTML, DHTML