I'm guessing you are a recruiter. Let's face it: I'm not currently looking for work. More likely, at the moment, I'm looking for clones to join my team and while I've been happily employed at Disney this site has fallen behind in representing me.

Still interested in learning about me?

I'm currently really into JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, pretty much anything that involves using JavaScirpt/JSON in every layer of the system.

I've been around the block and worn a lot of hats. For my own startup, I acted as CTO, whatever that means when you own the company, right? I'm a bit of an entrepreneur--but who isn't in this industry? I'm a web developer at my core and I enjoy building tools for other developers and teaching others. Whether leading development teams, architecting and maintaining Linux web servers, running performance and security audits, performing code cleanup, developing efficient UI or full system architecture, or teaching web development to class sizes up to 25, I tend to adapt to whatever needs doing. It's the startup in me.

I am proficient in JS (I <3 jQuery and node.js), AJAX, XHTML/HTML5, CSS2/3, Debian and Ubuntu Linux, Shell scripting, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP 5, AWS/EC2, SVN, Hg, Git, Uniform Server, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5. I've also had varying levels of experience with Flash, AS 2/3 Perl.

I've also dabbled in more things than anyone would care to read about. But ask me. And check me out on github to follow public coding projects. I also like to draw comics.

Here's my resume in case you want to file it—but is that really necessary? You can view my HTML resume & you can connect with me as antic on LinkedIn