OSX: Use Say Command to Help You Play Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-Seek is one of the greatest games in the parent's arsenal. Your kid runs off and hides for several minutes, while waiting for you to find him/her. This gives you time to catch a breath and check your email without feeling like a loser. If you'd also like to take advantage of the counting time--claiming that thinking space as your own, use this command on your OSX terminal to maximize downtime. Also, if your kid is like mine, you can get away with "for i in {1..100};" :)

alias seek='txt="";for i in {1..20};do txt=$txt"$i. ";done;say $txt" Ready or not, here I come"'

Alternatively, if you don't mind calling the application more than once:

alias seek='for i in {1..20};do say "$i. ";done;say Ready or not, here I come'

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